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Reasons You Need a Portable CO2 Detector for Your Brewery

Uncategorized / November 20, 2023

Safety plays an integral role in any brewery’s operations. Unlike a standard bar that merely distributes alcoholic beverages, breweries utilize heavy equipment to perform potentially harmful processes on the property, within range of employees and patrons. Breweries are full of chemical and biological hazards not found in other commercial environments; however, with the right monitoring equipment, you can safeguard others from these potential dangers. Read on to discover the main reasons you need a portable CO2 detector for your brewery.

What Are CO2 Detectors?

While carbon dioxide (CO2) is naturally present in the atmosphere and is essential for processes like photosynthesis, it can become dangerous when its concentration exceeds safe levels. A portable CO2 detector is a compact, handheld device designed to measure and monitor the levels of carbon dioxide in various spaces. When the device senses a level of CO2 that surpasses the pre-set limit, it triggers an alarm, typically both visual and auditory, to alert the user. This way, individuals can take immediate action to mitigate potential risks associated with high CO2 levels.

Reason I: Enhances Employee & Patron Safety

High levels of CO2 can pose serious health risks. Mild symptoms include headaches and drowsiness, while more severe exposures can cause trouble breathing, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, confusion, suffocation, and even death. In breweries, where CO2 is a byproduct of the fermentation process, employees are particularly at risk of exposure to high CO2 levels.

A portable CO2 detector plays a crucial role in protecting employees from these risks. By continuously monitoring the air for CO2 levels, the detector can alert workers to potentially hazardous conditions before they become harmful. This early warning system allows employees to evacuate the area or take measures to reduce the CO2 concentration, thereby preventing exposure and its associated health risks. Naturally, this preventative technology also benefits the safety of your patrons.

Reason II: Ensures Superior Product Quality

CO2 plays a pivotal role in the brewing process and directly impacts beer quality. During fermentation, yeast consumes sugars and produces alcohol, CO2, and heat as byproducts. Leaking CO2 often means an issue with either the brewing equipment or the brewing process. Regardless, complications with either can dramatically reduce the quality of your final product. Therefore, maintaining optimal CO2 levels by monitoring with a detector is integral to ensuring consistent beer quality.

Reason III: Complies With Industry Regulations

Safety regulations related to CO2 levels in breweries aim to protect workers from the potential hazards of high CO2 concentrations. These regulations set limits for acceptable CO2 levels in the workplace and require regular monitoring and reporting of these levels. Non-compliance can result in penalties, including fines and operational restrictions. Portable CO2 detectors help breweries comply with these safety regulations by providing accurate, real-time measurements of CO2 levels.

Ultimately, these are just some of the many reasons you absolutely need a portable CO2 detector for your brewery. This device is not merely an instrument for detecting gas levels; it is a tool that contributes significantly to the safety of employees and patrons, the quality of products, and compliance with safety regulations. Browse our selection of portable gas detectors here at CTI to find the right equipment for your business.