Gas Detector Maintenance

Field Service

Our trained and experienced CTI field service technicians will come to your facility, perform all required gas detector maintenance, gas calibration services, and provide you with a detailed report that satisfies OSHA PSM documentation requirements to keep for your records. Our technicians are highly trained and kept up to date with the most recent IIAR standards to assure that your facility meets relevant codes and requirements for gas detection. A technician will test each detector, calibrate each sensor, and test system functionality.

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CTI Field Service

On-Site Calibration Service


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We Ensure Compliance

We know and understand the standards, codes, and engineering practices governing industrial gas detection. We’ll make sure your gas detection system is in compliance.

Our Technicians Come to You

According to industry standards, gas detection equipment must be tested and calibrated on a regular basis and documented proof must be provided. CTI technicians can take care of this for you in no time, thanks to years of experience. Give us a call or request a quote to start the process.

We Service All Brands and All Gases

We provide gas detector maintenance for all brands. Whether you have CTI equipment, or another brand, we are here to help. List of other gas detector manufacturer products that we calibrate include but are not limited to MSA Honeywell, Manning Systems, Draeger, GFG, CoolAir, Danfoss, and Bacharach detectors. List of brands

We provide a detailed compliance report.

OSHA requires a detailed, documented record of all work done. CTI technicians know the information inspectors will look for and provide a well designed, professional report that satisfies every requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

CTI’s service department gives you confidence and peace of mind through professionally executed and documented third party calibration services.


What brands do you service?

We calibrate and service not only our own gas detectors, but also all other brands on the market today. We stock a full line of calibration gas and replacement parts, and are ready and equipped to fix any problem we find.


Do you provide start up services?

We provide on-site service of existing equipment, or sales and start-up of new equipment to suit your specific plant needs.


What areas to you cover?

From Seattle to Miami to Los Angeles to Bangor, our field techs are everywhere you are. We carry calibration gas and replacement parts for many different models, and our schedule is flexible to work around yours.


Are your technicians trained and insured?

Our technicians are carefully trained and uniquely experienced. We carry all necessary insurance and training certifications. We use only NIST-traceable certified calibration gas, which guarantees maximum reliability and superb performance.


How often do gas detectors need to be inspected, tested, and calibrated?

The simple answer is: every six months.

OSHA PSM Standard says:1910.119(j)(4)(iv): “The employer shall document each inspection and test that has been performed on process equipment. The frequency of inspections and tests of process equipment shall be consistent with applicable manufacturers’ recommendations and good engineering practices.”

The OSHA Appendix Explains: “Elements of a mechanical integrity program include… documentation of instrumental test and inspection results and documentation of manufacturer recommendations.”

Most gas detection manufacturers (including CTI) recommend calibration every 6 months.


Service Reminders?

CTI schedules far in advance and will make sure that we do not forget your facility. CTI keeps facilities in compliance and will work to keep all gas detection systems serviced on time.


How much does it cost?

The cost of gas calibration service depends on the size and scope of your system. Contact us today to get a same-day quote.


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Who is CTI Gas?

Calibration Technologies, Inc (CTI) is a leading manufacturer of gas detection equipment for industrial facilities. Our products are manufactured in Columbia, Missouri and most can be shipped same-day to locations around the world.

Meet CTI Gas

Calibration Service

Our highly trained and specialized service technicians will travel to your facility to perform all calibration service and repair of your gas detection equipment.

We work on all brands of gas detection equipment for every type of industrial gas.

Our service technicians travel across the United States to bring you the very best expert calibration services.

Serious about


Our safety policies and rigorous training are top notch. All of our technicians are up to date on all required testing and safety practices.