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Bottling Industry Gas Detection


CTI Detectors are Designed for the Brewing and Bottling Industry

Production of beverages like soft drinks, coffees, teas, beers and juices, relies on industrial refrigeration to provide precise temperatures. The processes of carbonization and fermentation are greatly affected by temperature and standards must be followed to insure consistent taste, flavor, and quality in every batch. Every brewing and bottling production facility needs a reliable and dependable industrial refrigeration system and gas detection systems.

Built food industry tough, CTI equipment stands up to extreme conditions and prevents false alarms. Our mission is to protect people and protect property by detecting and accurately measuring refrigerant leaks so that you can take quick, automatic, and appropriate action based on the level found.

Bottling facilities have unique conditions that present significant challenges to gas detection efforts. CTI detectors handle them all!

Gas Detection Challenges in Brewing and Bottling

Conditions are often wet, moist, and humid.

CTI detectors can handle water and are resistant to condensation and corrosion.

High pressure spray downs from sanitation crews are a common occurrence.

CTI detectors stand up to high pressure hose hits. Our sensor cells are protected and our enclosures repel and drain water quickly.

Gases produced by processes like fermenting and carbonization can interfere with detection.

CTI sensor cells specifically detect their target gas and do not false alarm in the presence of other gases.

A multitude of refrigerant gases are used.

CTI has detection equipment for all industrial refrigerant gases on the market today. We specialize in ammonia but have excellent detectors for other refrigerants such as carbon dioxide, and many others.

Regulatory Agencies such IIAR and OSHA have rules and standards that must be met.

CTI equipment meets all standards from IIAR and OSHA.

CTI sales engineers are trained to help you understand and apply IIAR and OSHA regulations regarding gas detection in your facility

Equipment for Bottling Facilities

Ammonia Gas Detectors

GG-NH3 Ammonia Sensor


GG-2 Gas Detection Controller

CO2 Detectors

GG-CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detector

Synthetic Refrigerant Detectors

Synthetic refrigerant detector CTI

Audio/Visual Alarms

Horn Strobe 24vdc
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We are experts in industrial gas detection for food processing facilities and we are standing by to help design and maintain a rugged and reliable system for your facility.

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