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  • AD-400 Autodialer
    Price: $765.00

    AD-400 Autodialer

    Simple Autodialer with 4 inputs that works with CT...
  • Autodialer AD-Sentinel
    Price: $1,570.00$1,645.00

    Autodialer AD-Sentinel

    AD-Sentinel AutoDialers use either Network or a wi...
  • BW Solo Replacement Battery
    Price: $13.00

    BW-SOLO Replacement Battery

    Replacement 2/3 AA Battery for the BW-SOLO
  • Gas Sensor Cable
    Price: $0.50$2.50

    Cable 3 conductor; shielded & stranded

    Cable, 3 conductor, shielded & stranded. Used ...
  • GG Duct Mount Kit
    Price: $210.00

    Duct Mount Kit

    Duct Mount Kit for use with model GG polycarbonate...
  • em2 shield
    Price: $20.00

    EM2 Sun Shield

    Sun Shield for use with EM2 entrance monitors. Sel...
  • Emergency Pressure Control Switch
    Price: $270.00

    Emergency Pressure Control Switch

    Emergency Pressure Control push-button switch incl...
  • Emergency Stop Switch
    Price: $270.00

    Emergency Stop Switch

    Emergency Stop push-button switch includes tamper-...
  • Emergency Ventilation On/Auto Switch
    Price: $270.00

    Emergency Ventilation On/Auto Switch

    Emergency Ventilation On/Auto switch with tamper-p...
  • Emergency Ventilation Switch
    Price: $270.00

    Emergency Ventilation Switch

    Emergency Ventilation push-button switch includes ...
  • GG-6 Analog Output Board
    Price: $360.00

    GG-6 Analog Output Board

    GG-6 Analog Output Board mounts inside the GG-6 co...
  • GG-6 Auxiliary Power Supply
    Price: $270.00

    GG-6 Auxiliary Power Supply

    Auxiliary power supply mounts inside of GG-6 contr...