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In-House Calibration Service

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CTI offers in-house calibration services

CTI has a team of experienced technicians that perform in-house gas monitor calibrations for portable and fixed gas detectors of all makes and models. All units are calibrated and provided with a certificate of fixed or portable gas detector calibration to satisfy documentation requirements for OSHA PSM compliance.

In-House Calibration Services

Sending in your gas detector for service is quick and easy.

After receiving your unit, CTI will process it within one business day (pending unforeseen repairs) and send it back with a certificate of calibration. Units sent in will be function tested for common issues that require repairs. We keep most repair parts on hand so we can quickly calibrate gas detectors and allow our customers to get back to work with peace of mind.

CTI services all brands of portable and fixed gas detectors, including but not limited to CTI, BW, Honeywell, MSA, RKI, and Draeger. We offer calibration of other meters and detectors as well. Contact CTI if you have a special request for calibration.

The cost for calibration is $175 per device + shipping.


Request CTI in house calibration

Click the “calibration form” button below.

Calibration Form


Fill out the form

Once the calibration form is complete, print the page (or print the email that will arrive in your inbox) and place the form inside of your shipping box.


Ship to CTI

Ship the unit(s) to CTI. Once received, CTI will calibrate the unit(s) and perform routine checks for unknown issues. If a purchase order has not been pre-assigned to the service, CTI will contact you to arrange for payment.
Ship packages to:
RMA Department
920 N Tradewinds Pkwy
Columbia, MO 65201


CTI completes calibration

CTI will complete the calibration within 1 business day of receiving the unit. If repairs are warranted, CTI will contact you before proceeding. Most replacement parts are kept in stock for units requiring additional service.


CTI returns the calibrated unit

After the work is complete, CTI will ship the unit back to you with a certificate of calibration. Make sure to save the certificate of calibration for OSHA PSM documentation requirements.

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