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  • GG-6 Analog Output Board
    Price: $416.00

    GG-6 Analog Output Board

    GG-6 Analog Output Board mounts inside the GG-6 co...
  • GG-6 Auxiliary Power Supply
    Price: $312.00

    GG-6 Auxiliary Power Supply

    Auxiliary power supply mounts inside of GG-6 contr...
  • Price: $2,282.00

    GG-6 Expansion Module

    Expansion module for use with the GG-6 controller....
  • Ice Cube Relays
    Price: $75.00$109.00

    Ice Cube Relays

    Ice cube relays for use with CTI controllers
  • GG-XM Analog Output Board
    Price: $416.00

    GG-XM Analog Output Board

    GG-XM Analog Output Board mounts inside the GG-XM ...
  • GG-6 Gateway Module-GE
    Price: $1,848.00

    GG-6 Gateway Module

    Ethernet gateway modules for use with the GG-6 con...
  • Temperature Sensor
    Price: $369.00

    Temperature Sensor

    Temperature sensor for use with CTI detection sys...
  • em2 shield
    Price: $22.00

    EM2 Sun Shield

    Sun Shield for use with EM2 entrance monitors. Sel...
  • GG-6 Remote Display
    Price: $1,647.00

    GG-6 Remote Display

    Provides continuous real-time sensor readings and ...
  • Price: $40.00

    GG-XM 72″ interconnect cable

    72" interconnect cable for connecting the GG-XM to...
  • MVFD
    Price: $699.00

    Modbus Ventilation Fan Controller

    Ventilation fan control for use with the MVE contr...