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Calibration Technologies, Inc (CTI) is a leading manufacturer of gas detection systems and equipment for industrial facilities. We’re a gas detector manufacturer that prioritizes quality, accuracy, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Regardless of your specific applications or needs, our expert team has the ideal industrial gas sensors to fit your requirements. Not sure which industrial gas detectors are right for you? Please feel free to contact us today, and let us assist in your purchase!

At CTI, we make our gas detection systems in Columbia, Missouri, and most of our products can be shipped the same day to locations around the world. Discover the benefits of industry-leading quality products, and order your premium gas detection products today.


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CTI products are designed to keep your facility safe, efficient, and compliant. Learn more about how CTI designs its detection systems.

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Let our technicians do the work for you. A trained CTI technician will travel to your plant to service your gas detection equipment.

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Send in your gas detection equipment and CTI’s technicians will perform in-house sensor calibrations, repair, and replacement.

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