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Ammonia Appreciation Day | 7-17

Uncategorized / July 24, 2023

The refrigeration number of Ammonia is R717. If R717 was a date, it would be 7-17, or July 17. Because we think Ammonia deserves a special day of celebration, CTI sets aside every July 17th to remind our employees, and the rest of the world of the greatness of Ammonia.

The facts are clear. Without the use of Ammonia as both a fertilizer and a refrigerant, we would not be able to feed the world’s population. Over 2/3 of all crops grown around the world are fertilized with Ammonia. Almost all food on an American dinner table has passed through an Ammonia refrigeration facility on its way from the farm to the home.

In addition to its contribution to the world’s food supply, R717 is saving the planet because it is a natural refrigerant. Unlike synthetic refrigerants like Freon, Ammonia is naturally occurring and, has a Global Warming potential of zero.¬† When Ammonia is released into the atmosphere, it quickly breaks down into Nitrogen and Hydrogen, which are already a natural part of the air we breathe.

Ammonia refrigeration has been around since 1912. The process used to produce commercial grade anhydrous ammonia for farming and refrigeration use, the Haber-Bosch method, won 2 Nobel Peace prizes and is consider one of the top 10 inventions to benefit mankind.

Not only does Ammonia have a proud and important history, it also has a very bright future! Technologies are being created and currently tested to use ammonia as a fuel source for power plants, airplanes, and shipping vessels. Check out more future uses of Ammonia at the First Ammonia website.

Ammonia is a big deal!

At CTI, we celebrate Ammonia’s greatness, by enjoying its coldness. On Monday, July 17th, the Kona Ice truck visited the CTI offices and distributed snow cones to all employees. We also gave out t-shirts to everyone on staff to help spread the word about Ammonia Appreciation Day! If you would like a t-shirt, just fill out the contact form on our website, tell us your size and mailing address, and we’ll send you a shirt!

The website joined our celebration by writing their own blog post on the event.

Happy Ammonia Appreciation Day!

Gas Detection Manufacturer CTI to Celebrate Ammonia (R717) Day on 7/17