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July 17 – International Ammonia Day

Uncategorized / July 14, 2022

In our industry, every refrigerant is assigned a specific reference number.  For instance, Carbon Dioxide’s number is R744 and Propane’s is R740. Some common synthetic refrigerants are R22, R404A, and R1234yf. Our favorite natural refrigerant, Ammonia, was given the number R717.

A few years ago, we realized that If 717 was interpreted as a date on the calendar, it would be 7-17, or July 17. Because we believe Ammonia deserves a special day of recognition and appreciation, we decided to celebrate it annually on July 17 and we are encouraging the rest of the world to join us!

Why do we  believe that Ammonia is worthy of such honor? Ammonia plays a big role in feeding the world and saving the planet.

As a popular industrial refrigerant, Ammonia is key in food production, preservation, and transportation. It is commonly used in huge food processing plants, dairies, and cold storage facilities. It keeps food cold and/or frozen, prevents spoilage, extends shelf life and therefore helps feed the world.

As a natural refrigerant with a global warming potential of zero and an ozone depletion factor of one, Ammonia does not harm to our environment. In contrast, synthetic refrigerants (such as R22/Freon) are known to have a great negative impact on the atmosphere and global agreements are in place in ensure their phase out. The harm to our environment due to synthetic refrigerants is so great that as of 2020, it is production of R22/Freon is now illegal in the United States. Natural refrigerants, like Ammonia present an excellent alternative to synthetics. Ammonia is playing a role in saving the planet!

So, we hope you have a chance to celebrate the greatness of Ammonia on Sunday, July 17. May we suggest a big bowl of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?? Enjoy!!