Fuel Refinery Explosive Gases


In the map pins tab you’ll fill in the location info in order to pull through to the map

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In the layout tab you have the option to choose if the layout is half screen/angled or if it’s full width with an overlay.

Medical Insurance

Including dental and vision options for the individual and/or family members.

Vacation Time

Lunch and Snacks Provided

401K with Matching


Performance Reviews and Raises

Buying Guide Hero

Light Blue Title

One Column Hexagon Left

One Column Bg Options

You can choose the background color for this component along with the top bar background color.

Product Slider

Product Row

Four Col Animated Icons

Card Row Example (you can choose the icon)

Alt Content

Background color and reverse options.


Service Card

Description area

Service Card Row Example

Description for service card

CTA Banner

Color block location options along with background color options

Card Grid

Card Row Example

Link Example

Logo Marquee


Four Col Service Cards



Sticky Hex Scrolly Text

List content

Video Alt Content

Background color and reverse options available.

Two Column Wysiwyg – Background color options

Left Content

Right Content


Icon Grid


Icon row example

This is a truck




Card Content Example

How It Works

Tab Title Example

Tab Description

Two Column Photos

Left Content

Show logo option

Two Column PHotos

Right Content

BW Ultra handheld gas detector

Left Right Vertical Photo

Background color and reverse options

Left Right Hexagon

Background color and reverse options


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